Titan 3030 and Shades of Samsara Development Update Hello, world. It’s been a while. Maybe not for you, but certainly for me. For this. The Blog. The internet-progress-diary. It’s no […]

Update time again. This time there is some actual movement with the novel, short story shortcomings and an update on my employment status. Titan 3030 In the last couple weeks […]

RTEP flare

Welcome once again to the development blog. This update I’ll be covering recent progress and milestones since the Sept. 14th post as well as an outline for the coming months […]

Hey- Readers. I just realized I dated my last entry incorrectly. Embarrassing. It’s fixed now. So, February was pretty rough as far as linear progress on Revision Three edits go. […]

I should be sleeping, circa 1am. I’m not. I’m thinking about the fact I should be ‘writing’ which really means ‘editing’ which really means combing through line after line of […]

All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day- put the pieces back together my way. – Aesop Rock I’m having trouble this week really getting motivated. It feels […]

Hey Thursday. How’s it going? Wednesday treat you well enough? So yesterday I managed to do a few things. I started organizing data from the novel, pulling from chapter one […]