August 15, 2016 Update – Release on the Horizon

This is a draft for a Titan 3030 blog entry.

And here you probably thought I was dead.

I feel like I can’t even be casual here.

Or, perhaps that I shouldn’t. But- that is exactly what I want right now. is Casual.

I don’t want to think too much about my sentence structure.

Editing is a drain, and its currently late-night, but I’m making progress. and That, is, of course, why I wanted to stop and write about it; so that I could impeded said progress, namely, because it’s so late.

See that was an awesome sentence, because it came out casually.

Lots of commas strikeout.

So, about that progress I wanted to brag about.

I think I finally have a plan, for that final 10% toward completion of this grand old plan of mine. See, the finale has always been the hardest part to write.

Sometimes even to conceptualize.

And you have to see that win in order to grab it.

Need to see it.

And I saw a lot of things. A lot of possibilities, potentials, unknowns.

It seemed like blinding white light.


But now, I have a plan. It’s a loose plan. It’s a template to follow. A goal to meet and reach.

I’m going to push some short stories out.

I know what you’re thinking, right?

“But Scott, Aren’t you writing a novel? What happened to that? When are you going to finish that thing? Are you even taking this seriously?”

Yes, aggressively assertive fictional person who sounds like my inner critic. Yes on all counts.

And where yes doesn’t make sense as a logical response, the answer is clear: the short stories are the plan to finish the novel.

Titan 3030 is three revisions thick, and it currently has some select eyes on it. I’m going to finish it really soon. (Relatively speaking)

See, I have so much content. By content I mean world-building, concept-trees, character arcs, plot devices, etc.

And having so much content outside the bounds of Titan 3030 benefits you, the reader, so you can experience depth and perspectives to a story that transcends one mere novel.

So the first short story I’m going to release is The Krill, and it’s a good one. At the moment, that’s what I’m currently revising and editing, Preparing the first section for Online publication / serialization [and subsequent sections each week] for 5 weeks. At the end of 5 weeks, I’m going to take it down, and I’m going to slap an ISBN on it and publish it with amazon for kindles.

I’ve been doing the research and ground work on marketing. It’s a tall task to fill after having spent so much energy on creating the book itself.

Marketing seems like it might be easier if I had kept more people as friends on Facebook. Didn’t realize I was going to write a book and need fame to sell it. Whoops.

I’m going to set up a reward structure and launch a kick starter too I think. I still need to get some funding to cover the ISBN bulk purchases, plus additional cash for marketing ads Google, Facebook , etc.

The plan is to launch 4 or 5 short stories, posting them for free, leading up to their publication and sale, and build up hype and interest for the Titan 3030 launch. Then I’m going to release that in hard/softcover along with kindle select and work like hell to promote it.

So that’s where we are Folsom fans. We’re on the home stretch. Strap in, check out Shades of Samsara tomorrow morning for The Krill, and enjoy the ride. Also swing by the Facebook page and throw me a like, it’s volunteer marketing that takes .01 seconds.