Feb 2 – Update

All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day- put the pieces back together my way. – Aesop Rock

I’m having trouble this week really getting motivated. It feels like there is a nebulous weight dragging my productivity down. Not sure what it is. It’s not like I haven’t been moving. Chapters One and Two are now behind me in revision three. I’m finding myself cutting large segments of content. A lot of content that feels like information dumps are just chopped. The information is for me, not the reader.

I find it difficult to find the right kind of music to listen to. Sometimes, music I would otherwise normally enjoy, is grating and distracting and just out right irritating when trying to compose. And I do need to listen to music. If I don’t have it as background noise, my actual thoughts are far more distracting. I’m not a fan of thinking about my grammar and sentence structure in something like this blog update, but I am. For instance, I’m not a fan of some of my sentences I’ve used here, but, ultimately, who cares? What’s the point? I’m writing now as I would actually speak, which, we have discovered all too well in this century, is all too commonly pseudo-illiterate.

This is all I can muster for an update. Hopefully the next time I update I will be done chapter 4 revision three. That is optimistic, but hey, that’s what goal setting is.