Jan 21 – Update

Hello, dearest reader (website viewer). I hope this update finds you well. There have been a lot of moving parts behind-the-scenes as it were, here at the Titan 3030 Development blog.

The novel status. Currently in REVISION 3. 87,613 word count. 410 pages, formatted. 15 chapters, plus Prologue.

What do these numbers mean? Good question.

So, Revision 3 means precisely that. The novel’s draft is in what I consider to be the “third pass”. I don’t exactly know how many of these revisions the novel will actually need. I can say that before I even finished the rough draft, I had in mind it would take anywhere between 3-7 rounds of revision for the novel to feel complete in both sense of content and quality.

I am, at the moment, trying to finish the third pass of chapter one. There are maybe about 6-10 pages left for me to really comb through and make notes and revisions to. I find myself, at this phase, no longer being concerned about my word counts, or page counts. None of the numbers support me, emotionally and psychologically as they once had.

Writing a novel, when the longest paper you ever wrote was only barely scratching 30 pages, is an undertaking unlike any other I have ever attempted in my life. Clawing away at an idea and trying to piece together the debris into a papier-mâché of original art, is not something that intrinsically endows support into the artist as he or she does their work. You have to sort of choose where to get your dopamine bursts for goal completion when your actual goal is so far from finished.

And that is precisely what word count and page count meant to me as a fledgling author. I can’t believe I just used that word to describe myself. Author. Even if albeit fledgling, it is a term I have not allowed myself to be called by others, and most especially myself. Not until I’m done. That’s my big Dopamine score at the end of this all. That one is to go straight to my head.

But until then, I am, now, officially, a writer. I write. I do it a lot. When I’m not writing, I’m wordsmithing in my head. I’m smashing terms together or ripping them apart to find their etymological significance and meaning. I’m researching space and exploration to ensure I have the most informed opinion when I decided to rewrite history. I have somehow, found myself, truly in-it as it were. Devoted, and immersed. I have to say, as trying as it is, as difficult and overwhelming, as financially bleak as it all is. I am happy to do it. Reluctantly, I admit I have found my passion.

What is the reluctance? Well, when you’re passionate about something, you’re not allowed to bitch or complain about the less graceful aspects of your craft. For me, that is editing. Editing has made me really question my passion over the last few years. But, as much as I don’t necessarily enjoy reading the same story over and over and over again, at least I wrote it, right? At least it’s my story. My idea. Forcing myself to re-read it as many times as I have and will, is a testament, in my mind, at the inherent quality of story that exists in my novel. If I couldn’t re-read it even once, I would have known how horrible my story was. But not only did I create every word in the story, meticulously guide each and every character’s thoughts, behaviors and motivations, but I’ve made myself laugh and smile, reading what I’ve wrote. Reading my story, I have stopped and wondered, how it was, I wrote something so well.

Finishing the second revision of the novel, just a week or two ago. I noticed, looking back between chapters thirteen and fourteen. In my original draft, I had for the lack of a better term, “Leveled-up” between those two chapters. The quality and flow of language in chapter 14 was simply on another level from where I was writing chapter 13 from. It is amazing and humbling to witness that sort of transition, ascension really, of skill in your own ability.

As the novel stands right now. I think it is entirely possible to have it finished this year. I have not yet made that psychological leap and conviction to guarantee it yet though. Also, finished doesn’t mean published. It simply means ‘ready-to-publish’. We shall see.

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  1. We all have had our digits crossed for sometime that your vision will come to fruition. Seems though the path is being cut toward that end. Good deal.

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