Jan 25 – Update

Hey there-

It’s Monday. First day of the work-week. Time to get busy and get organized. I’m not sure if I like the idea of updates every Monday or not yet. I’m working on becoming more rigid with my work schedule, but I’m not going to rigidly decide what that schedule should be. So right now, I’m feeling out the Monday update.

I didn’t get a chance to mention much about it in the last update, but if you had been here any time last year or before, the blog site probably looks a little skeletal. The whole original blog was lost around the time of my wedding last year when I backed up what I thought was the entirety of the site but (oops!) I forgot to back up the SQL tables. Turns out, that’s where all the good content was anyways. Oh well. The archive was miraculously saved because at some point, the word count of my blog concerned me and so I had made copies to feed into the word processor to word count. Because of that psychological insecurity, I was able to save almost if not every blog entry, sans their posted dates.

I don’t feel great about not having chapter 1 revision three done yet. I think that is the goal for today. I think it will happen fairly quickly. I’ve been dragging my heels a bit because I’ve been compiling a list of ideas parallel to my edits. I feel like my story, as a shell or as a framework, is strong, and complete. I feel like the ‘flare’ of my novel is not yet started, or at the very least far from finished. One of the most prominent pieces of feedback from alpha-stage readers I’ve received is that they want more. More description, more explanation, more depth to the world and its environment than the-story-itself. And I get that.

Alchemy is a central focus in my series as an arcane and powerful force of nature. Alchemy is only performed by alchemists. So far- there exists two degrees of an Alchemist, a senior and an apprentice. Something has been striking me about this as “not-enough”. I feel like there need to be at least one or a few more degrees of skill levels that individuals would fall into. I think I’ve begun encroaching into this realm by overlapping the ability of alchemy and shamanism in certain individuals. But again, I feel like the degree of skill is not enough.

I’ve been contemplating a lot about mechanics, tech, procedures, operations, and logistics for using alchemy as a skill, and as a weapon.

Toiling with the ideas of alchemy, it’s difficult to create plausible challenges for alchemical users to face. How does one make something akin to ‘magic’ or from a literary standpoint ‘deus ex machina’ and turn it into a believable and probable tool that isn’t simply a magic wand or a Djinn’s wish. Figuring out these specific nuances of alchemical skill, and degrees of knowledge / implements, will help me present problems to the alchemists that perhaps a more seasoned alchemist COULD magic-wand their way out of, but for the more inept, proves to be a challenge that requires creativity.

I honestly think revision three and four will be heavily laden with peripheral additions, adding depth and nuance to the scaffold structures already in place.

Well. That’s all for now, I have to refill the coffee and push myself to finish the chapter one rev 3 run through.



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