Jan 27 – Update

Welcome to Tuesday folks.

So I was successful in completing the chapter one revision three, and I’ve uploaded it to the shared space I have setup for alpha readers and editors.

I have not particularly been productive today, as even this update has taken me several hours to compile.

And this is all I wrote for an update to motivate myself by midnight.

So, now it’s Wednesday.

I need to be more progressive today. I think I need to start on chapter 2 revision three as soon as possible. I also think I want to try to use the notes and ideas I’m forming now and mulling over to feed a parallel content update to my wiki. I feel like feeding the wiki the structure of the book as I go along will help me feel more concretized in some of the more ambiguous elements. Like, for instance, degrees of skill level when it comes to the use of alchemy.

It will also help to create a solid and definitive character list and information repository for those individuals.

On a totally separate note, I need to revise The Krill short story. I feel like that is a tap-able revenue stream and an ideal ‘test’ vehicle to get the universe and series underway, from a publishing standpoint.

I’m glad I’m able to at least finally ‘talk’ something out today, if albeit at the end of the day and in the beginning of the next one. At least it’s a plan to follow. A goal to be met. Start chapter two revision three, start compiling wiki entry entities from chapter one into two. Revisit The Krill for editing.

I also need to get to work on Sundogs and Foxfire as well, but that seems so far away, I really haven’t allowed myself to see much further past the first chapter.

Without looking at anything, I’m pretty sure it starts off with a POV of Davrick’s father back at the Academy on Earth. What a strange thought, really. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Davrick and the Charon crew lately in my mind, and before that, the NANOWRIMO break project in November had me thinking all about Abgaur and the alchemist Sel’tec. Such distinctly intricate space-times each of those are.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this new ninth planet lately. I’ve been wondering what to call it in my series, as I believe it has a role to play. I think I’ll name it Cronus. I mean, technically, Saturn is already named for the Romanized version of Cronus, but, Cronus was the one unseated by Zeus, exiled if you will, into the void.

So, this was interesting; writing this update between a couple days, but I found the exercise helpful. I don’t always have to post, but I can always work a little bit towards it, right?