Jan 28 – Update

Hey Thursday. How’s it going? Wednesday treat you well enough?

So yesterday I managed to do a few things. I started organizing data from the novel, pulling from chapter one to start. The data I pulled were essentially two lists, terms and characters. After surveying the chapter, and compiling the two lists, I went and created a placeholder file for each of them with their respective names/terms.

As I continue the revision three process, I can be compiling the lists from each chapter, and create a comprehensive list of characters and terms introduced in the novel. The data are important because I can use them to very quickly populate a wiki page for each of them after generated. So this is all in an effort to content fill the companion wiki so that it would be ‘ready’ upon book release. I have some other ideas surrounding this detail, but those will have to wait until I think them through a little more.

A year ago, I still hadn’t finished the novel first draft. I was struggling right about now to write chapters thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen. I was struggling to level-up, as it were.

I think the goal for today moving into tomorrow needs to be one of the following few: Begin the Rev3 process on chapter 2. Compile the term and character list for the chapter. Reopen the content developed for S&F (Sundogs and Foxfire) and get writing, planning. Or, completely alternatively, work on some technical development stuff regarding the wiki / data management.

(I hate when I have a list to choose from, I often end in indecision)

I think the plan is to figure out which of those I’m likely to continue working on once I start and then just do it. The wife is also here this morning which is a source of distraction, as well as joy, but I will say, I work much more rigorous and focused when she’s not around.