Nanowrimo 2017 and Beyond

Titan 3030 and Shades of Samsara Development Update

Hello, world.

It’s been a while. Maybe not for you, but certainly for me. For this. The Blog. The internet-progress-diary. It’s no wonder I neglect it. I’ve historically neglected every one of my journals I’ve started. I guess, at a certain point, you stop focusing on cataloguing your progress and focus on either making progress… or stop.

I can point to the reason for my absence in the direction of the latter. I stopped production on Titan 3030. I stopped writing the sequel, I stopped writing the prequel. I stopped writing the short stories. I stopped. It all came at an awkward point in my life. A year later, I find myself in the familiar mire that led me to abandonment. Everything is about earning money, and it’s rather disgusting. Maybe that makes me functionally impaired, I don’t know, but my relationship with labor and earning have been severed for years.


I don’t want to spend too much time over philosophizing the alienation of labor, authentic experience, and the inherent exploitative foundation of capitalism, but my take away point is: I can write this book the way I want, for myself, it just costs me the opportunity to otherwise whore myself by the hour at some job. Jobs are what I did on the way to earning two B.A. degrees. A career is what an educated person is supposed to have, not a job.

And that is what I have; a career in writing. A novelist. An author. Or am I?

I stopped writing a year ago, and I got a job, because I desperately needed one. I was failing at my career, and so, I abandoned it. I shelved it for almost an entire year before beginning to even think about the series at large. I felt like I had failed. But that sense of failure has only ever stemmed from the severance of labor and earning, and the relationship of success with income. It all comes down that fiat.


That being said. I use this as a declaration, a challenge, a goal; to myself, for myself, from myself. I will finish a draft of The Rings of Rhea this November for Nanowrimo. I will post at least 1 blog post, YouTube video, or other substantial update on my progress (1) once a week during the challenge. And to aim just a little further, my tentative plan for December will be complete the short stories Roswell That Ends Poorly, The Brattea Ratio, and A Shaman’s Vigil.

I’m excited. I’m nervous, but most of all, I’m hopeful. Hopeful that setting a goal is more inspirational than stressful, that creativity is stronger than fear, and that I can, and will earn my living perfecting this craft.

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