October 14th Update

Update time again. This time there is some actual movement with the novel, short story shortcomings and an update on my employment status.

Titan 3030

In the last couple weeks I spent some time reopening Titan 3030 for the revision 4 process of editing and review. I went through the prologue and cut out about 600 or so words I found to be non-critical to the development of the novel. It was interesting revisiting the prologue because it is the contemporary time period of when my current short-stories in development are taking place. I also began a little into chapter one, but didn’t make much more progress than that on top of everything else happening.


Short Stories

So this week was the first week I was late with a serial entry on Tuesday. Normally I have these done by Monday night at the latest and so I have them set to auto-post at 8am every Tuesday morning. This week, Monday was my wedding anniversary as well as a holiday for some of my friends, and because of said conditions I was unable to finish work until Tuesday afternoon at 12:30. It wasn’t too much of a delay, and honestly, according to analytics, no one noticed.

I’m not completely happy with RTEP so far. It’s the second short story I’ve written, and I haven’t written it at all like I did The Krill. With The Krill, I wrote it in two weeks, to take a break from the Titan 3030, and in order to finish something tangible. I did that about 2 years ago now, and have had that short story ‘in my pocket’ the whole time.

Then came this idea to serialize short stories to build some hype for the book release and I needed more short stories. I took from my list of short story ideas four additional stories that I would need to actually create to be released in the series. That resulted in RTEP, brattea ratio, Jessie’s Tale and Shaman’s Vigil. Truth be told, Jessie’s Tale is also already written out in a draft, but it is by far the shortest of the shorts so far.


So in life, I’ve been struggling financially to stay on top of student loans and other bills due to my employed-but-underworked status I enjoy through the temp agency. I recently saw an advertisement for a “disaster readiness member” position opening up in my home town (city). I thought it sounded interesting, and novel, so I looked into it. It turns out it’s a program funded by Americorps and as such, those who complete the 10 month-term position are awarded a $5k+ education grant. Since the position is technically a paid volunteer, the pay rate is below state minimum wage. Only with the education reward will I average out having earned roughly $10/hr.

I had a successful interview for the position and I was chosen to be the new and first member of the Ready Corps here in town, but I have not yet completed the paperwork associated with it all. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be traveling to Atlanta in a week or so for a 3 day training session to prepare me for the next 10 months. I’m not exactly sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but I fear that it will negatively impact my publication timeline. Only time will tell.

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