Shades of Samsara

Update time again. This time there is some actual movement with the novel, short story shortcomings and an update on my employment status. Titan 3030 In the last couple weeks […]

Hey- Readers. I just realized I dated my last entry incorrectly. Embarrassing. It’s fixed now. So, February was pretty rough as far as linear progress on Revision Three edits go. […]

I should be sleeping, circa 1am. I’m not. I’m thinking about the fact I should be ‘writing’ which really means ‘editing’ which really means combing through line after line of […]

All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day- put the pieces back together my way. – Aesop Rock I’m having trouble this week really getting motivated. It feels […]

Hey Thursday. How’s it going? Wednesday treat you well enough? So yesterday I managed to do a few things. I started organizing data from the novel, pulling from chapter one […]

Welcome to Tuesday folks. So I was successful in completing the chapter one revision three, and I’ve uploaded it to the shared space I have setup for alpha readers and […]

Hey there- It’s Monday. First day of the work-week. Time to get busy and get organized. I’m not sure if I like the idea of updates every Monday or not […]

Hello, dearest reader (website viewer). I hope this update finds you well. There have been a lot of moving parts behind-the-scenes as it were, here at the Titan 3030 Development […]