September 14th, 2016 Titan 3030 and Short Story Updates

Short Story Success

Where to begin—The first short story was a success, but I should probably start with Titan 3030. Since I’ve ended the alpha reader session, I still haven’t received a single feedback survey. The lesson I take from this is: I need more friends who are actually inclined to read rampantly. So I guess that’s on me.

I have not revisited Titan 3030 now for almost two months. I’ve been performing a lot of work that I wouldn’t readily think of as an author’s responsibility. In the age of self-publication though, it seems par for course. Marketing is the most difficult on me, personally. I’m not a fan of canvasing information hubs to seed my content. I wouldn’t mind someone else doing that job.

I find myself hung up fairly consistently writing Roswell That Ends Poorly. The subsequent short stories are from a relatively close time frame, and so there is character-cross over in these three stories unlike anywhere else in the Shades of Samsara universe, really. It’s why in the early stages of this Titan 3030 launch schedule I felt like I had made a terrible mistake. The content for these three short stories rivaled the size of an additional novel. I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to frame the content and events that need to happen in certain sequences.

I’m not pleased with my progress on the new material so far. It’s slow going. I’ve been able to get every installment of The Krill done on schedule, so that’s something. Although, The Krill had already been written. The next short story is only about a quarter finished. The scenario I really don’t want to find myself in is having to finish the end of the short story while finalizing the sections for serialization on the site. Because ultimately, I need to crack open Revision Four for Titan 3030 and start preparing for a Spring 2017 release.

The Kickstarter is something I should probably discuss in this post as well. I’m going to be honest here. I planned, I thought about it, I templated my ideas, but when it came down to it, I rushed my Kickstarter. I didn’t think everything through completely for success. I got it done for the sake of doing it. The urgency with which I started it has subsided only slightly, and there is still a need for it, but—I need to use it as a tool of minimums and not as a tool of wish fulfillment. I think realistically the Kickstarter goal amount should be about $600 so I can buy a stack of 100 ISBNs. Having that alone would be a game changer. It is the most individually expensive fee associated with publishing.

Last week had seen the most traffic out of any previous week for The Krill serials. But Tuesday, Yesterday, the traffic for Shades of Samsara reached almost 170 sessions. I’m kind of blown away by the numbers. I hope everyone enjoys the story, while it’s out. It will be headed into the shop for purchase in a couple weeks when Roswell begins. That’s my news for now. Thanks for reading. If you like what you see please follow me on Twitter and like the series on Facebook it’s incredibly helpful for promotion and marketing.


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